Audubon Park Psalter Set


The Audubon Park Psalter Set consists of four volumes: one for each of the liturgical years (A, B, and C) and a fourth for Solemnities, Feasts and other holidays. It uses the new Revised Grail Psalm translation for the verses with the ICEL refrains. Each volume is 60-70 pages and contain over 50 psalm settings. A fifth volume containing palms for weddings and funerals is in preparation.

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The Audubon Park Psalter is designed to be flexible instrumentally and vocally. The verses are written most often in a one pulse per measure chant style (like Gelineau) so that a consistent tempo may be kept between the refrain and the verses. This makes the singer’s task of learning multiple verses easier than a through-composed setting, but by keeping a pulse, it is possible to have much more interesting melodies than a common 3-5 note chant settings would offer. Written with a harmonic language that is interesting, yet accessible, these settings are designed to be singable, playable and achievable for most any parish music program.

Check out the list of recordings to hear live performances from the psalter.

For those printing worship aids, TIFF and JPG files of the refrains are available for download.

Permission to create copies for cantors and instrumentalists for local use is granted with purchase of the books.

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