CFCArts Mozart’s Mass in C Minor

CFCArts_MozartsMass_Poster_B-667x1024Central Florida Community Arts’ (CFCArts) 4th annual Summer Classical season concert will feature Mozart’s Mass in C Minor K. 427. The CFCArts Classical Choir will perform the work, along with a full chamber orchestra. Described as “ambitious,” “elaborate” and “a perfect synthesis between classical harmony and baroque counterpoint,” this unfinished work of Mozart’s was composed in Vienna in 1782 and 1783, as a celebration of his marriage.

Mozart’s Mass in C Minor K. 427 will take place (only) at 7:30pm on Friday, August 8 at St. John Lutheran Church, 1600 S Orlando Ave, Winter Park, 32789. Tickets are $10 per person and children age 12 and under will be admitted for free.

Orlando Deanery Choir Eucharist at St. Thomas, NYC

New_York_-_Manhattan_-_Saint_Thomas_Church-682x1024The Orlando Deanery Boy Choir under the direction of Canon Benjamin Lane and Mrs. Claire Hodge will sing for the 11am Festal Eucharist at St. Thomas Church in New York City as part of their tour in June 2014. Having frequently accompanied choirs under the direction of Ben Lane, I have been invited to join the group and play the opening voluntary for the service, Le Banquet Céleste by Olivier Messiaen. You can find out more about the choir tour at or watch the event webcast here.

Explore the World of Romance

CFCArts_ETWOR_Poster_p-667x1024Extending their Summer Classical Season into a year-round entity, non profit arts organization Central Florida Community Arts (CFCArts) is proud to present their inaugural Spring Classical Season concert, Exploring the World of Romance! Revealing the mystery of romantic composers, the CFCArts Classical Choir will sing selections such as Mozart’s Regina Coeli, Rossini’s I Gondoieri and Schubert’s Gloria. To be further guided through the musical foundations of the Romantic Period, the audience will also experience works of Neo-Romantic composers such as Randall Thompson and Jean Belmont in a beautiful concert that will feature the 75-voice choir and a feature chamber orchestra.

Exploring the World of Romance will be held at 7:30pm on Saturday, May 3 and at 2:30pm on Sunday, May 4, at St. John’s Lutheran Church, 1600 S. Orlando Avenue, Winter Park, FL 32789. General Admission tickets are $10 each, and children age 12 and under will be admitted for free. Ticketing problems or questions? Contact

Organ Duet Concert – All Saints in Winter Park

Wm. Glenn Osborne and Jaime Carini will present a concert of organ duets as part of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the installation of the organ at All Saints Episcopal Church in Winter Park, FL. Included on the program will be works of Gustav Merkel, Johann Strauss Jr., Modest Mussorgsky, and others. The program will feature the US premier of The Apostles by Naji Hakim. The complete program is available here.

Merkel Day 1

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! While everyone was out celebrating, Jaime and I were working on our program for our concerts this weekend. We still have some polishing to do, but here is a little teaser so you can see a little of what happens when two people sit down at the organ.

Naji Hakim – The Apostles

Because our concert in Winter Park is the same weekend as the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival, we chose to include as many art-inspired music selections as possible. While looking for repertoire, I discovered a set of pieces for organ duet by Naji Hakim inspired by wood carvings by Lucas Cranach the Elder. The Apostles presents a series of short movements based upon the artwork but also making use of Gregorian chant and other chorale themes. As the composition was only written in 2011 and not that many people perform organ duets, I recently contacted Dr. Hakim and was informed that we would be doing the US premier! We are super excited to be the first American performers and hope you will be able to come hear it at one of the concerts on Friday or Sunday!

Wishing you all the luck of the Irish!


Newsletter Issue 17 – 2014 03 18
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Mozart Requiem in Memory of Bishop Dorsey

Mozart RequiemPostcardThe beloved third bishop of Orlando passed into eternal life in February 2013, and we fondly remember his gentle pastoral leadership. Bishop Dorsey, an accomplished musician, supporter of the Basilica Choir, and lover of Mozart, will be honored at this performance of Mozart’s immortal Requiem by the Basilica Choir and Orchestra, under the direction of William Picher.

Goals: Old and New

2014GreenHappy New Year!

I hope the Christmas holidays brought you much peace and joy with a chance to rest and recover amidst all the celebrating! As 2014 is approaching quickly, it seems appropriate to reflect on 2013 and consider how to make the best of the new year.


Last January, I made a few New Year’s resolutions. I was very intentional about choosing goals in different areas of life: health, social, professional, and spiritual. I regret to say that I didn’t accomplish all that I set out to do in 2013. The one area where I had the most progress and met my goal was in health: I successfully completed a half-marathon. I believe part of my success in this area was the public accountability that I established through my regular workout postings to Facebook. If you want to make sure you achieve something in 2014, be sure to find an accountability partner or a public forum that will keep you on track and encourage you to keep going.

Orlando2013FinishRaising the Bar

Even though I was never much of an athlete, after meeting my health goal for 2013, I have decided to raise the bar for 2014. Because I like a challenge, I have decided not simply to go for a full marathon, but to complete the Dopey Challenge in January 2015. Because this requires running a 5K, 10K, half-marathon, and then a full marathon over four days, I want to make you a challenge to come and run one of the races with me. Doing them all is probably nuts, but surely one of them could be your health goal for 2014!

Professional and Social

Honestly, I’m not 100% certain what my professional goal was for 2013. (Maybe that’s why I didn’t make it….) This year, my goal is to get my psalter printed and available for sales and distribution. I’m hoping there will be many other compositions that will follow along as well, but the psalm settings have been sitting on the back burner long enough that it’s time they went public! As a secondary goal for 2014, I’d also like to have my own CD available. I have ideas for over a dozen recording projects, so feel free to let me know what you think I should record first.

I’m going to include travel as a social activity this year. My long standing travel goal is to make it to all 50 states before I reach age 50. In my college days on choir tour and auditions, I was ahead of schedule (at one state per year), but then I left the continent to live in Europe, and so now, I’m behind. I’d really like to knock two or three more states off my list this year. Below is a map of where I’ve been so far. Only in airports in the red states, overnight in the orange ones, at least twice to the blue ones, and I have lived for extended times in the green ones. Alaska and Hawaii aren’t shown because I haven’t been there yet…. Create your own version here:


While I’ve had some wonderfully moving spiritual experiences during different worship services in 2013 (most notably at the RSCM Course in Tulsa, Advent Lessons and Carols, and The Messiah), my goal for 2013 was to go on a week long silent retreat. Because I was not able to do that in 2013, I am going to try again for 2014. I know now that I must schedule the time in advance on my calendar before other activities make it impossible for me to get away.

And what about you?

I’ve shared some of my goals and plans for 2014 with you. Will you share your plans now with me? Choose a couple of different areas in your life where you’d like to change or do something new and exciting. Let me know what they are, and if I can do anything to help you out or keep you on track, I’ll do my best to work with you so that we may all have a happy and prosperous new year!

Wishing you all the best for 2014!


Newsletter Issue 12 – 2013 12 31
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Merry Christmas!

ChristmasMallMerry Christmas!

Last night, we finally put up and decorated our Christmas tree. As my schedule keeps me out of the house for concerts and rehearsals quite often before Christmas, and then we have typically been traveling to visit family immediately afterwards, decorating a tree has not been a common occurrence since I left the parental household. In fact, last night, we almost didn’t get a tree either as the lots where we have bought trees before have been replaced by a Dunkin Donuts and a WaWa! It also appears that in this more temperate southern climate, people put up their trees earlier, so the selection was slim. But now that most of the concerts are over, and because I’ll be here for Christmas, I look forward to enjoying our tree.

Concerts Galore, Part 2

The last two weekends have been absolutely packed with wonderful events: the Christmas concert at the Basilica, Advent Lessons and Carols at the Cathedral of St. Luke, Messiah at North Orlando SDA Church, and a Carol Sing at Holy Redeemer. The most challenging part, however, was going from the Orlando half-marathon straight on to rehearsal for Lessons and Carols. Luckily, I was in much better shape at the end of this race than Nashville. Even so, I think I know why Ben Lane and the choir stayed at the other end of the building that morning:

The Angels Sing

The Basilica Choir is one of my favorite groups here in Orlando. In addition to playing and conducting for them, I’ve been very fortunate to be able to compose for them as well. Included on their latest CD, Christmas with the Basilica Choir, is my setting of the text by John Dalles, “God, We Would Hear the Angels Sing.” And if you’ve heard the Basilica Choir sing, I hope you’ll agree with me that they indeed sound like angels. If you haven’t heard them, then you’re in for a treat below. I was able to record the performance of my carol at the concert and put it up on YouTube for your listening pleasure. May the angels bring you lots of Christmas cheer!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Newsletter Issue 11 – 2013 12 17
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