A Stranger on the Road

On the road to Emmaus, the disciples enter into conversation with a stranger. How often do we enter into conversations with strangers? I’m guessing that most of us tend to speak to the same people week after week, ignoring any strangers in our midst, and that our musical habits follow

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How many verses?

How many verses of a hymn should we sing? In planning music for Mass, one of the items I have to consider is how long a hymn is. Most usually, there is a liturgical action taking place at the same time as the music, so I need to figure out

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Easter Sequence

Alleluia! Today as we celebrate Easter, we include a special piece of music, the sequence. In the Middle Ages it became expected practice at Mass to extend the music for the Alleluia to cover the time that it would take for the deacon to process from the altar to the

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Looking forward and back through the Passion Chorale

The text of our closing hymn today, “O Sacred Head Surrounded,” is ascribed to Bernard of Clairvaux (1091-1153), but some scholars now attribute it to the Medieval poet Arnulf of Louvain (c. 1200-1250) as the collection of poems that contains the text only began to appear in Bernard’s collected works

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Bulletin Notes – Out of the Depths

Bulletin Notes – Out of the Depths

Everyone has heard the expression that to sing is to pray twice. Music provides an additional dimension to our prayers that can add meanings beyond what the words alone can say. Instrumental music therefore can express thoughts and feelings that we may not have found the words to express. The

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Holy Week 2015 at CMOQ

The complete list of music for Holy Week at the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen is available here. The program booklet is available here (cover) and here (pages). Links to rehearsal or other performance videos are listed below for reference. Palm Sunday Anthem: Solus Ad Victimam – Leighton (NCA 79)

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Vernacular Music

As someone who joined the Catholic Church later in life, I had the opportunity to attend mass many times before becoming Catholic. At least among the other music students who took me to mass, my general impression became “A mass is a mass is a mass.” Very little changed from

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Planning music and choosing jelly

While a certain level of skill and practice is required to be a music director, I find the most difficult part of my job to be choosing the music we sing each week. Once I’ve decided what the music will be, practicing it becomes the easy part. Before Vatican II,

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Vexilla Regis Duo

This is my first video recorded at the Cathedral of Mary, Our Queen in Baltimore. There are two identical consoles for the organ at the cathedral and pipes at each end of the building. This excerpt from my Suite in French Classical Style on Vexilla Regis was recorded from the

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Music Notes for 2/22

One of the items I’ve started doing for the Cathedral is including information about music in the bulletin every week. As these notes also reflect my thoughts and vision of church music, I thought I’d start posting them on my website for a larger audience than those that show up

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