NaSoAlMo 2012

For years several years, my wife has participated in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Thanks to the DIY Musician podcast, I discovered that there is a musical equivalent: National Solo Album Month (NaSoAlMo). The goal of NaSoAlMo is to write and record a solo album of original compositions lasting at least 29 minutes during the month of November. While I’ve been kicking around a couple ideas for albums for a while, the challenge for me for NaSoAlMo is that it is a solo album and all the music must be written during that month. The other ideas I’ve been preparing require a chorus and/or other instrumentalists so will not fit the guidelines. Even so, I think I should be able to put together at least a half-hour of music and record it in one month. Check back for updates as the month progresses!

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